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The North is known for many things...

Chips and gravy, rain, a winter’s night out with no coat… and now it’s known as the Digital Powerhouse. Being the UK’s largest tech cluster outside of London, Manchester is at the forefront of delivering the digital age.

What does “being digital” mean?

Being digital allows businesses to engage with their customers quicker, more easily and on a much larger scale. It allows e-business owners to manage, track and change their business anywhere, anytime – as long as there’s a strong internet connection!

For some, digital is simply about being technically advanced.

Digital can be integrated within an organisation in many ways, from advertising, to eCommerce, to managing customer satisfaction. The flexibility and possibilities are never-ending. And that is the beauty of being digital.

The Digital Landscape in the North

What do we know?

  • In the last five years, the North’s digital workforce has grown by 28%
  • Digital jobs are being created ten times faster than non-digital roles
  • The digital economy accounts for 5.2% of the North’s economic output

These numbers mean that, by 2020, the North is estimated to have 363,000 digital workers.

It also means an increase in self-employment, pay and productivity.

Did you know digital workers in the North are paid 60% more on average than non-digital workers?

What does this mean for you?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur about to commence on your own startup journey, or a digital worker already contributing to the digital landscape in the North – or you’re thinking of adding to your in-house digital team – just know that the North’s digital economy is thriving.

Digital workers – you are spoilt for choice on which company to share your creative/technical knowledge with.

Business owners/startups – you have access to the best talent in the North when it comes to digital.

How Success Digital are a part of this…

Since our birth in 2011 (a beautiful experience), Success Digital has grown to become an agency at the heart of its industry. We’re dedicated to guiding clients and candidates to the next stop on their digital journey, and know no borders in our mission to explore and diversify our industry reach.

Whether you’re a digital worker looking for a change, or simply want to explore what other fantastic, innovative companies you could be working for, we can help.

Or whether you’re looking to grow your team and want the best of the best working with you, we can help.

The future is Digital and it is bright!

Laila Jadoon is dedicated to sourcing the best talent in the North, working with some of the world’s most exciting brands and agencies. Get in touch to find out about the latest career opportunities.