Career Advice Stay Ahead of the Game


We all go through that phase in our career where we rethink the path we want to go down and the next move we want to make. Although it is so important to make the right decision, we also need to learn that it is okay to make changes as that will ultimately lead us in the right direction.

Being a creative individual who feel like they need to move into a new direction can be tough, as it’s so important that your portfolio reflects the next move you are going to take.

For example, being a digital designer who is keen to move towards motion graphics, it is so important that you have the right skillset and are able to provide work that shows you are capable of making this move.

Clients will see the breadth and depth of our expertise in Digital and take assurance they are dealing with specialists and a business that has a commanding respect in this sector – but most importantly, has a successful, proven track record of delivering when it counts.

Your portfolio says 1,000 words to the employer, your work must show them that your skills are transferable and that the kind of designs you create are similar to what they are looking for.

When it comes to the digital world, you must remember that you are continuing to move with the time, so always keep on top of the latest software and use your time wisely to always be ahead of the game.