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To get ahead in digital, you may need to consider how a sideways move can take you forward...

Our career (and personal lives) take us in many directions. We’re so often told to keep chasing the promotion, salary hike and title that it can be easy to forget which career path we started on and how our feelings towards it may have changed. 

Speaking to candidates every day, we find many haven’t chosen the path they’re on and simply “fell into” one area or another based on what was available at the time – or how a role “mutated” once they were in it. 

This can have many positives – whether picking up a valuable skill, expanding your knowledge base or getting to see things from another perspective. Some of us find our best selves from falling into a role we had never previously considered. 

But what happens when you realise you’re now in a position so removed from your passion that it starts to make you unhappy?

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Boundaries are often blurred from one role to the next, allowing for almost unlimited learning and career opportunities. 

This is when taking a sideways step comes into play

The advantage of digital (particularly Digital Marketing) is that boundaries are often blurred from one role to the next, allowing for almost unlimited learning and career opportunities. In fact, you may actually have trouble drawing a line when it comes to your extra-curricular activities. 

Start looking at what skills you have in your current position that are transferable to what you’re passionate about. Look for ways to get more involved in your current role – if you’re a PPC specialist, you could expand into other related areas: acquisition channels such as SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Paid Social before becoming an all-round Digital Marketing specialist focusing on retention.

Perhaps you love numbers but have found yourself unable to dive in? Perhaps a career in Data Science might be for you – spend some time running those analytics yourself and look at the findings. Speak up in a creative meeting where your imaginative input could be just what’s needed. 

Sometimes, a sideways job step could help reposition you on the right pathway. This is where we at Success can help talk you through how to best display your skills on your CV, and in person, to position you for the role you want to be in rather than just the next obvious step. 

Our mix of creative, analytical and commercial roles within digital, ecommerce and marketing could be just what you need to get you on the right pathway to success. 

Speak to our managing consultant Kathryn for advice on how to move forward.

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