Career Advice Take Your Next Step


Have you ever thought about looking for a new job?

Never – really?

Odd occasion – understandable, we are curious creatures.

Applying for jobs at work – your manager is stood behind you…

I recently (September 2018), changed jobs. After three years of working with the same company, having worked my way up, I decided I was ready for a new challenge.

A decision I talked myself out of at least four times, my four reason… the commute was easy, I knew the people, I knew the area and I knew what I was doing. Yet, after having convinced myself I was fine where I was. I still found myself searching.

The reasons vary on why we look for a new role, see below for some fun stats.

  • Company Politics (3%)
  • Higher salary (19%)
  • Redundancy (21%)
  • Culture (24%)
  • I’m bored (33%)

But whatever your reason, if you’ve thought about it a good few times, then stop wasting time and see what else is out there!

Whether you simply browse on job boards, or attend a few interviews. You may decide you’re content where you are or you may decide to pursue another opportunity.

Just remember…

Taking the next step isn’t as hard as it seems, daunting maybe, but if you are ready, then move forward. Be realistic, but know your worth.

If you are thinking about taking the next step, then get in touch. We may be able to assist!