Freelance The Beauty of Working Freelance and Contract

Why wait until the new year to get a new job, when you can have one this week!

Demand is high for strong, hardworking individuals that have a passion for all things digital – and the flexibility to work as a freelancer or contractor.

Being a freelancer or working on a contract basis can give candidates the luxury of flexibility, which allows you to explore new industries or work for clients you may not have considered. Candidates these days are often less committed to staying in a long-term role, and therefore have the freedom to explore new opportunities when they choose.

Working as a freelancer or contractor enables you to try new things and develop your skills in areas you may not have had the opportunity to explore when working in a permanent position.

Candidates are usually hired to work on a specific project at a fast pace for a set period of time, and are therefore expected to pick up their responsibilities quickly.

Contracts can also be a great way for more junior candidates to get their foot in the door.

Due to the fast-paced nature of temps and short-term contracts, the diversity of candidates from different backgrounds is constantly changing as new people join and leave. This allows for a rich diversity in the workplace, which gives you the experience of an evolving team environment and strong cross fertilisation of skills and networking.

Contracts can also be a great way for more junior candidates to get their foot in the door of new companies, particularly if you’re looking to gain experience after graduation.

Working as a freelance or on contract enables candidates to earn a daily rate, as opposed to a salary. Often, this can mean you earn more than if you were on a regular salary for the same position.

Working on a short-term contract enables candidates to have the option of how you get paid – either through your own Limited Company, an Umbrella Company (third party) or directly through us as an agency on PAYE (Pay As You Earn).

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